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In 1977, even before the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) became effective, Drug & Laboratory Disposal, Inc. (DLD) began providing small volume hazardous waste disposal services. As a licensed treatment, storage, and disposal facility (TSDF), DLD is capable of receiving large volumes of hazardous waste including bulk tanker trucks, but in general we specialize in lab pack and small bulk containers ranging in size from 2 to 55 gallons. These hazardous wastes include almost all chemical, medical, scintillation, and household hazardous wastes. In addition to hazardous waste disposal services, DLD can also provide assistance with regulatory compliance.

Drug & Laboratory Disposal's thoroughly trained personnel, many of whom are degreed chemists, have the skills and expertise to properly manifest, transport, process, and dispose of your hazardous waste. Our clients rely on our waste management expertise and can be confident that their waste stream is being handled and disposed of legally and in an environmentally correct manner. In fact, the majority of wastes processed by DLD is disposed of by high temperature thermal destruction at RCRA licensed facilities.

In addition to handling waste in an environmentally correct manner, DLD protects its clients by reducing their overall exposure to environmental liability in today’s harsh regulatory environment. Since a receiving facility’s potential environmental liability can be measured by its waste inventory and the size of its waste processing area, it follows that a small facility like DLD has less environmental liability than large disposal facilities. In addition, although all waste processed by DLD is subsequently disposed of at larger facilities, DLD’s status as a TSDF allows departing wastes to be manifested with DLD as the named waste generator.

We believe in protecting the environment and you! Regardless of whether you are a current or potential DLD client, if you have waste management questions, feel free to call us at (800) 685-9824.


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