Academic Institutions

Knowledgeable. Ethical.

Since 1977, DLD has partnered with academic institutions of all sizes. Whether you are a high school, small college, or large university, DLD can help you manage your hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

The laws and regulations which govern waste transportation and disposal are complex. However, DLD manages much of this complexity for you. DLD is a licensed treatment, storage and disposal facility, and is uniquely licensed to accept over 99% of existing waste codes. In addition, our four year degreed and highly trained personnel have the necessary chemical and regulatory expertise to safely identify, sort, package, label, manifest and transport your waste in accordance with both State and Federal Laws. Most removals are done in less than a day with minimal disruption to your schedule.

We also manage specialty wastes such as unknowns, potential explosives, controlled substances, radioactives, infectious materials and universal wastes. In most cases these materials can be handled at the same time as your regular wastes.

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