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Drug & Laboratory Disposal, Inc. (DLD) is committed to protecting both the environment and the generator that uses the disposal services of DLD. To achieve this goal, DLD has adopted a policy of processing chemical wastes for high-efficiency, high-temperature incineration whenever possible and sending for burial into a chemically-secure, hazardous waste landfill only those wastes for which there is not a more appropriate disposal methodology. DLD believes that high-temperature incineration is superior to landfill burial as a permanent method of disposal.

All chemical wastes received at DLD are segregated, processed, and placed in temporary storage before being shipped off-site for final disposal. All incoming waste containers and the accompanying manifests identify the generator and the site of generation. However, once the chemical wastes are processed at DLD, these same wastes are labeled and manifested as having been generated by DLD.

Drug & Laboratory Disposal, Inc. constantly evaluates its waste processing and disposal methods to ensure utilization of the best combination of environmental protection, efficiency, and cost. DLD regularly inspects the facilities it uses for ultimate disposal to verify that the technologies being employed are environmentally safe and in compliance with current regulations.

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